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Website Optimization | SEO

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is fundamental and essential. It will help your website to get discovered on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Firefox, Safari, etc., also it will improve the display position, and your website organic traffic exposure.

The turnaround time (TAT) could be up to 2 business days, and it all depends if we have all the information required to start working on your website SEO.

Some of the benefits:

  • Increase your site rank.

  • Stay one step ahead of your competitors

  • Get found quickly and by the right audience. 

  • Get relevant and the best keywords ranking.

  • Get more exposure and free organic traffic.

Our Website Optimization (SEO) includes:

  • Keywords Generation (up to 5 words combination for each keyword)

  • Text and Content Analysis

  • Alt Tags for Images, Videos, Graphics, Vectors, etc.

  • Google Console Registration (Domain & Website)

  • Search Engine Indexation / Re-Indexation (Google Console)

  • Social Media URLs Updates

  • Meta and H Tags Optimization.

  • Titles,  Sub-Titles, Products, Images, Graphics, Vectors, Videos, etc.

  • 404 Error Page Setup

  • 301 Re-Direct (if it’s necessary)

  • Rich Results Code Generation (JSON-LD Schema) for each page.

  • Keywords Meta Code Generations for each page.

SEO Disclaimer:

We will follow the Wix SEO instructions, the mandatory checklist and rules, and all the tips generated by the Wix SEO tools based on your own keywords analysis. It will help your website get Free Organic SEO exposure by Google, but it will not guarantee that your website or your products/services pages will always show up on the first page results of Google or any other search engines, it also doesn't guarantee that your website will get more visitors, or sell more products/services, or generate any class of income.

There is no guaranteed time frame in which your site will be indexed and appear in Google or other search engines. Wix guarantees that all of the text and meta tags on your site are scanned by search engines, however, it normally takes up to 8 weeks until Google trusts and verifies your new website and it starts appearing over their search engine pages, also they will test your website multiple times just to make sure that your website still up, live and running and it’s not a SPAM website that disappears in the first few weeks.

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